1 Hour Session: $90 USD

90 Minute Session (most recommended for a single session) : $125 USD

First-time Client Package Special: 5 sessions for $500

Transformation Package: 12 sessions for $1200 (to be used within 12 weeks of purchase). Come experience this powerfully resourcing, balancing, and somatic based therapy. The results obtained through Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy can be life changing and permanent when receiving the therapy on a consistent basis for a period of time, and then taper off and receive sessions when you feel like you need it. They say it takes 90 days to create a habit, help your nervous system create a new habit of being resilient, resourced, and self-regulating.

Cash, check, and all major credit/debit cards are accepted.

Tera is available for workshops and speaking engagements. Please email heartpathwayhealing@gmail.com with your questions and inquiries.